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The National Development and Reform Commission and the State Administration for Market Regulation jointly investigate the iron ore spot market transactions


On June 21, the Price Department of the National Development and Reform Commission and the Price Supervision and Competition Bureau of the State Administration for Market Supervision went to Beijing Iron Ore Trading Center in order to conduct surveys to learn more about iron ore transactions and price increase since this year, and held a special symposium to ensure the supply and price stabilization work of iron ore and other bulk commodities.

The meeting pointed out that the price of iron ore has risen sharply and continues to operate at a high level, which has pressured the production and operation of middle and downstream enterprises. The state supports the healthy development of iron ore spot trading platforms and encourages relevant market entities to trade in compliance with laws and regulations. At the same time, they will attach close attention to changes in spot trading prices, investigate abnormal transactions according to law and maintain a good market order.