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Successful production of aluminum-zinc-magnesium steel coil


Witop Steel have successfully developed aluminum-zinc-magnesium (Al-Zn-Mg) coated steel coils based on the requirements and demand of clients and the market development trend. On July 27th, the first coil of aluminum-zinc-magnesium product rolled off the production line.

Al-Zn-Mg coated steel coil is a alloy metal sheet with excellent comprehensive performance. The thickness range is 0.18MM-1.0MM and 800MM-1250MM in width. In the coating, the zinc provides rust-prevention protection, and the aluminum provides passivation protection. The magnesium activates the aluminum element and reduces the consumption rate of the coating. It provides barrier protection for the coating, which greatly extends the life of the coating compared with the aluminum-zinc coating. At the same time, the magnesium element produces magnesium compounds and generate an insulating protective layer at the cutting surface. 
Aluminum-zinc-magnesium products are widely applied in industrial and agricultural buildings due to their excellent corrosion resistance and cutting surface protection performance. In particular, it has excellent performance in alkaline and acidic environments such as coastal areas.