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Limitations of The Galvalume Steel Coil Application


Galvalume Steel Coil is widely used in construction because of its excellent corrosion resistance in accelerated corrosion environments such as salt spray testing. However, in the corrosive environment of some special industries, the corrosion resistance of aluminum zinc coating will be greatly decreased.For example, animal husbandry, especially in the construction of livestock enclosure greenhouse, the industry is generally believed that it is not suitable to use Galvalume Steel Coil or color coated Steel plate with it as the substrate. For example, the ceiling of pigsty, light steel keel, doors and Windows and other components are not recommended to use aluminum zinc steel.

Galvalume Steel Coil cannot be used in animal husbandry:Livestock greenhouse (enclosure building) is a highly corrosive environment, not only high humidity, but also the use of a variety of corrosive strength of disinfection liquid, in addition to bacteria will cattle, pigs or poultry feces into amines and acids, amines are one of the important causes of Galvalume Steel Coil corrosion acceleration.Due to the presence of aluminum in the coating, the aluminum oxide film produced has very good acid resistance and can be isolated from the acidic corrosive atmosphere, but the amine decomposed from feces is very corrosive to it.When the aluminum that acts as a barrier in the coating is gradually consumed, the zinc that acts as sacrificial protection is exposed to the corrosive atmosphere and continues to play the sacrificial protection (protecting the plate by preferentially corroding itself).Less than 45% zinc (with small amounts of other elements) is made up mainly of aluminum. In the livestock greenhouse, the small amount of zinc in Galvalume Steel Coil is quickly consumed by the corrosive atmosphere, followed by the bare substrate, soon perforated, rotten edge.