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Mainly stable prices, weak transactions


Overview: On the previous trading day, the national billet index was 5136.68, an increase of 1.04% on a daily basis, and the Tangshan billet index was 5158.00, an increase of 0.66% on a daily basis.
Tangshan: mainstream steel mills (XD) in Qian'an area reported stable 5110 ex-factory billet, Lulong area in Qinhuangdao reported stable 5110 ex-factory, traders quoted 5200-5210 tax-included out of the warehouse; Tangshan area billet accounted for direct costs 3996 yuan/ton, the full cost is 4196 yuan/ton, down 1 yuan/ton from yesterday.
Tianjin: The general billet in the Tianjin market was stable compared to yesterday, with Q235 billet reported at around 5220, with merchants being cautious.
Wu'an: The general billet in Wu'an market dropped by 20 compared to yesterday, and Q235 billet reported about 5160. One more discussion.
Henan: Henan steel billet delivery is under pressure from yesterday's stable report of 5050 orders, and the transaction orders are discussed.
Shandong: Shandong steel billet delivery is stable compared to yesterday, Q235 billet reported 5110, resources are scarce, and orders are acceptable.
Jiangsu: The mainstream of Jiangsu steel billets is temporarily stable, Jiangyin 5180, Liyang 5200, Xuzhou has no quotations, and the market transactions are fair.

Summary: The national steel billet market has reported stability one after another, and the overall transaction is generally weak; Tangshan steel billet is generally delivered directly, and the warehouse spot is reported to be 5200-5210 out of the warehouse including tax, and some transactions have been made. Downstream finished products are mainly stable, narrow-band transactions are average, and section steel is weak. It is expected that the billet will continue to run steadily in the afternoon.