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Good deal push price to increase


Overview: On the previous trading day, the national billet index was 5011.14, an increase of 1.02% on a daily basis, and the Tangshan billet index was 5,034.00, an increase of 1.21% on a daily basis.
Tangshan: The mainstream steel mills (XD) in Qian'an area will raise 30 to 5020 for normal billet, and Qinhuangdao Lulong area to raise 30 to 5020; today, the direct cost of billet accounting in Tangshan area is 4123, and the full cost of billet is 4,323, which is an increase of 39 from yesterday. .
Liaoyang: Liaoyang Pu's billet is increased by 70, Q235 billet is reported to 5020, and steel mills are generally receiving orders.
Tianjin: The general billet in Tianjin market rose by 40 compared to yesterday, and Q235 billet was reported at around 5120. Merchants are mainly cautious.
Henan: Henan steel billet factory is raised by 50 compared to yesterday, reported 4960 orders are under pressure, and the transaction order is discussed.
Shandong: Shandong steel billet factory is raised by 50 compared with yesterday, Q235 billet is reported to 5020, resources are scarce, and orders are acceptable.

Summary: Today, the price of billet in the national billet market rose broadly, and individual transactions were acceptable; Tangshan billet was available for direct delivery, and the warehousing spot reported 5110-5120 out of the warehouse including tax, and some transactions were made. Downstream finished products are steady and strong, and overall transactions are generally weak. It is expected that the ex-factory price of billet will continue to run after the increase in the afternoon.