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Performance advantages of color stone coated metal roof tile


Color stone coated metal roof tile is a new type of roofing material with aluminum-zinc steel plate with excellent anti-corrosion performance as the base layer, weather-resistant acrylic resin as the adhesive, and colorful natural sand gravel as the surface layer. 
Color stone coated metal roof tile has better durability, heat resistance, heat reflection and corrosion resistance. The aluminum-zinc steel plate has a long life and can guarantee no-rust and no-corrosion in various environments. The vermiculite metal tile is treated by high-temperature ceramicization process, and its color is bright and will never fade.

1.Light weight and strong structure.
The weight per square meter is about 6KGS, which is equivalent to one-eighth of the traditional cement tile. The precise lap and fastening make the roof stronger and avoid the possibility of roof collapse. Meanwhile, it saves transportation costs, storage costs and construction costs. The durable and high-quality aluminum-zinc plate substrate and natural stone protective layer have good anti-corrosion performance, so that the service life of color stone coated metal roof tile can be as long as 50 years.

2.Economical way.
The coverage area of each piece of color stone coated metal roof tile is six times that of the traditional tile, and the weight is very light, which makes the installation, loading and unloading, and storage more time-saving and efficient. Once the installation completed, the subsequent maintenance cost is extremely low, almost negligible.

Color stone coated metal roof tile is made of high-quality aluminum-zinc plate as the base material, and the content of recyclable components can be as high as 90% or more, which effectively reduces the cost of use.

4.Super decorative function.
color and shape of multiple choices and super three-dimensional sense perfectly combine with modern architectural art, which have a strong decorative effect.

5.Easy installment.
The light weight and easy-to-install tile design allows color stone coated metal roof tile to be laid smoothly on the wooden keel and light steel keel.

6. Scientific construction.
Scientific overlapping design and professional installation instructions ensure that the installation process can be completed in a timely manner.

7. Construction safety.
The unique design and production process greatly shorten the time of construction and improve the safety of construction. Cutting during the laying process will not generate a lot of dust like terracotta, so it is extremely environmental.