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Product features of Color Stone Coated Steel Roof Tile


Light weight------High-end and light weight roofing tile material, only about 6KGS per square meter.

Weather resistance------Adopt aluminum-zinc steel sheet, multi-layer protection treatment on the surface.
Long-lasting color------Natural colored sand and hard to fade.
Strong three-dimensional effect------Using steel sheet as the base material, the tile shape has strong formality and superior three-dimensional effect.
Low costs------Not only the transportation fees is low, but also the costs during transportation and handling is cheap.
Fast construction speed------Advantaged with the large size, light weight and modern construction tools, the installment and construction speed is several times that of the traditional tile material.
Environmental protection and energy conservation------Color stone coated steel roof tile is itself environmentally-friendly. At the same time, it can greatly save the cost on the wall and the roof because of low requirements on the structural force of the roof and the wall.
Heat insulation------A cavity is formed at the back and the slope roof system is added, which is conducive to the air circulation of the roof.
Sound insulation------Because the surface material is made of natural colored sand particles, it greatly reduces the impact of rain on the roof. The audio frequency of 250~1000Hz, which is sensitive to human ears, has obvious sound insulation effect.
Resistance to freezing and thawing------It won't freeze and crack in extreme cold areas. After soaking in clean water at 15~25℃ for about 24h, freezing in the air at -20±3℃ for about 2h, and then dissolving in water at 20±3℃ for about 1h, repeat the cycle 200 times, color stone coated steel roof tile observe that there is no peeling between the layers.