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Price of GI GL PPGI steel coil will continue to go up.


President Xi Jinping attended the 16th G20 Leaders Summit in Beijing on October 31st by video, focusing on his views on issues such as climate change, energy, and sustainable development.

China's carbon emission intensity has significantly exceeded the 2020 climate action target in the past 15 years. China promotes the transformation and upgrading of energy and industrial structure, promotes the R&D and application of green and low-carbon technologies, and makes positive contributions to the global efforts to tackle climate change and promote energy transformation.

In order to cope with global warming and achieve the goal of carbon neutrality, China is adjusting and optimizing the traditional high-energy-consuming, high-polluting and high-emission steel industry, suspending the approval of new companies and new production capacity, and orderly reducing the number and scale of steel companies; at the same time, government promotes iron and steel enterprises to save energy and reduce emissions, improve environmental protection management.

The output of steel will drop significantly, the supply will decrease, and the cost of environmental protection will increase. The prices of hot rolled coil and cold-rolled coil will continue to rise, which will cause the prices of galvanized coil, alu-zinc steel coil and color coated coil to rise.