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Witop Steel Quality Month-Deepen the self-inspection of the production line to ensure product quality!


In December, in order to deeply implement the spirit of quality first, and further improve the quality of galvanized steel coil, alu-zinc coils, and color coated steel coil, Witop Steel focused on the theme of "improving self-inspection records and deepening production line self-inspection". The 2021 "Quality Month" activity are carried out by improving the self-inspection record template and filling in the record content training.

During the "Quality Month", a series of content-rich activities are carried out, aiming to comprehensively enhance quality awareness and improve the quality of work. On December 12-14, the company organized and carried out relevant training for employees in self-inspection positions, and stipulated the requirements for filling in self-inspection records, thereby enhancing the quality concept and product quality.

Through this activity, the quality awareness of employees have been comprehensively improved, and it has played a key role in meeting the needs of the 9001 quality management system, correcting and preventing quality problems, improving the quality of product upgrades, and strengthening employees’ sense of responsibility. Qingdao Sino Witop Steel Co., Ltd. will continue to work hard, insist on quality management innovation, create a good corporate quality style, and enhance the core competitiveness of the market.