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China Baowu Australia Hardey iron ore project completed the "cloud signing".


On December 23, China Baowu Iron and Steel Group's first "Company Day". At the ceremony site, the Hardey iron ore project in Australia led by Baowu Resources made breakthrough progress and completed the "cloud signing".
In recent years, Baowu of China has been actively pursuing the layout and speeding up the development of international iron ore resources. The Hardey iron ore dominated by Baowu Resources has made breakthroughs.
The Hardey project is a direct ship iron ore (DSO) project developed by Aquila, a subsidiary of Baowu Resources, in collaboration with other API joint ventures, and Hancock, the fourth largest iron ore producer in Australia. This project is of great significance to China's Baowu iron ore international resource guarantee strategy.
At the ceremony site, representatives of various partners at home and abroad connected together to carry out the "cloud signing" of the API-Hardey iron ore development project in Australia.