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The impact of the Covid-19 in Tianjin on galvanized steel coil


In the past three days, the Tianjin pandemic broke out: on the 8th, Tianjin reported 3 local confirmed cases; on the 9th, 21 new positive infections reported in Jinnan District; on the 10th, Tianjin added 10 local confirmed cases. The emergency have a impact on the galvanized steel coil market because Tianjin a large-scale transit station and port in steel. 
At present, the vehicles in the market is relatively tight. Due to the impact of the epidemic, relevant certificates are required for vehicle entry and exit, and the overall restrictions are relatively strict. However, there has been no increase in the freight price, and the price is basically maintained at the normal price. Traders reported that the market is now in a situation where there are goods at a price but no trucks, and it will be difficult for transportation to recover in the short term.
Until January 7, the inventory of galvanized steel coils are 53,000 tons, a decrease of 1,000 tons compared with the previous statistics. At present, the production of steel mills is not affected by the epidemic. If steel inventory cannot be consumed continuously, and the Spring Festival holiday is approaching, the market demand is gradually decreasing. It is expected that there will be a certain degree of accumulation in the market in the future.