PPGI PPGL Steel Production Line

Process Flow of PPGI & PPGL Steel Coil

PPGI PPGL Steel Production Line

①Entrance Stage
Uncoil→Stitching→Compression Roller→Puller→Inlet Looper: For connecting the coils, in order to provide the steel sheet continuously and consistently.
②Pretreatment Stage
Alkli Degreasing→Cleaning(50℃)→Passivation→Baking: For getting rid Of the oil stain and metal fillings, and painting passivation solution, in order to improve the anti-corrosion ability and adhesive ability to the primer paint.
③Roller Painting Stage(Double-Coating-Double-Baking)
Primer & Back Coating→Baking→Finish Coating→Baking→Cooling: For adopting the roller coating techniques, baking and water & air cooling to make the paint adhere to the sheet firmly.
④Exit Stage
Outlet Looper→Cutting→Coiling: For recoiling as requested tons.


Two PPGI & PPGL Production Line with Annual Capacity of 100,000 Tons.

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