Electrolytic Tinplate

A supplier and wholesaler of electrolytic tinplate sheet 

Qingdao witop steel group mainly produces tinplate (tinplate strip), with a monthly production capacity of 5,000tons. We have two tinplate production lines, three 650 reversible rolling mills, two 450 reversible rolling mills, two flat straightening machines, three slitting machines, and six sets of electric reheating furnaces (30-50 tons).

Qingdao witop steel group are a supplier and wholesale of electrolytic tinplate in China. We are involved in the supply and wholesale of ETP electrolytic tinplate sheet all over the world.

Electrolytic tinplate has good airtightness, preservability, light resistance, firmness and unique metal decoration. electrolytic tinplate products are low-pollution, recyclable, and resource-saving based on the international environmental management standard of ISO-14000. With strong oxidation resistance, diverse styles and exquisite printing, tinplate are widely used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, daily necessities packaging, instrument packaging, industrial packaging, etc.

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