Galvalume/Aluzinc Steel Coil

Hot dipped galvalume steel coil manufacturer and supplier
Qingdao witop steel group are a leading manufacturer and supplier of galvalume steel coil over 20-year experience in research and development. Witop steel have one galvalume steel production line with annual capacity of 80,000 tons, which can produce JIS G 3321, EN 10215 and ASTM 792 standard alu-zinc steel coil, and relatively SGLCC/SGLCH, DX51D/DX52D/DX53D, G250/G550 material grade.

Hot-dip aluminum-zinc-silicon steel, also called alu-zinc, galvalume (GL for short), is a steel sheet made of aluminum(Al 55%), zinc (Zn 43.5%), and silicon (Si 1.5%) alloy on both sides. The surface of galvalume coil has small and uniform aluminum-zinc spangle, bright color, and high surface hardness. Hot dipped galvalume steel coil can be coated with various colors of anti-finger print (AFP) semi permeable films. 

Hot dipped galvalume steel coil have better corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and heat reflection properties, compared to traditional galvanized steel products. GL galvalume steel coil are widely used in industries such as home appliances, construction, structures, and electrical appliances.

Hot dipped galvalume steel coil have been exported to more than 150 countries and regions including Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, UAE, Qatar, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. Hot dipped galvalume steel coil have gained wide acceptability throughout South America due to its good versatility and performance.

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