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Hot Dipped Galvalume Steel Coil

Hot dipped galvalume steel coil is an alloy steel plate composed of 55% Aluminum, 43.5% Zinc,1.5% Silicon.
Hot dipped galvalume steel coil demonstrates stable anti-rust and anti-corrosion ability in various acid and alkaline, humid, and rainy environmental tests. So, galvalume steel coil has a wide range of applications in the industry.

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Product Introduction

Hot dipped galvalume steel coil have a smooth and silver-color spangle surface. The special aluminum and zinc coating structure makes it have excellent corrosion resistance, good heat resistance, good adhesion between the coating and the paint film, good processing performance of punching, cutting, welding, etc.

Product Specification & Features

Hot Dipped Galvalume Steel Coil
Standard JIS G3321, EN 10215, ASTM 792
G280 G320 G350 G450 G500
Alu-zinc Composition 55% Aluminum, 43.5% Zinc,1.5% Silicon
Alu-zinc Coating AZ 40-150G/M2
Surface Treatment Chromated Passivation, Oiled, No-oiled, Anti-Finger Print
Hardness Softy, Semi Hard, Full Hard, G550
Thickness 0.12-4.00MM
Width 20-1500MM
Coil Weight 3-5MT/Coil or Customized
Coil Inner Diameter 508MM or 610MM
Package Standard Seaworthy Exporting Packing
Capacity 7000MT/Month
Transport Type Vessel Container, Vessel Bulk, Railway Container, Railway Wagon
Loading Port Tianjin, Qingdao, Ningbo, Shanghai and other port
Delivery Time 15-25 Days After Receiving the Deposit
Terms of Trade EXW,FOB, CFR, CIF
Terms of Payment TT and Irrevocable LC at Sight

Hot dipped galvalume steel coil have the following advantaged features:

1.Heat reflectivity
Hot dipped galvalume steel plate have a high heat reflectivity, twice than the galvanized steel sheet, used as a material for heat insulation.

2.Heat resistance
Aluminum-zinc steel plate can withstand high temperatures of more than 300 degrees Celsius, which are widely applied in chimney pipes, ovens, illuminators and fluorescent lampshades.

3.Corrosion resistance
The corrosion resistance are effected by the protective function of aluminum. When zinc break, aluminum will create a dense layer of aluminum oxide, which prevents corrosion-resistant substances from further corroding the interior.

4.Economic practicality
The area of the galvalume steel plate is more than 3% larger than that of the galvanized steel sheet with the same weight and the same coating thickness because the density of 55% AL-Zn is lower than that of zinc.

5.Easy to paint
The aluminum-zinc plate have excellent adhesion, which can be painted without pre-treatment.

Quality Control and Self-inspection

WITOP steel have the advanced testing equipment and professional team. WITOP steel strictly control the quality on each step of production, including inspection on raw materials, product’s thickness and width test, alu-zinc coating test, T-bend test, impact test, tensile test, salt-spray test and package testing on exported steel coil, which ensures its integrated performance and quality.


Product Application

  • Construction: roofing sheet, walls, pipes and steel frame houses, etc.
  • Automobile: muffler, exhaust pipe, fuel tank, truck box, etc.
  • Home appliances: refrigerator back panels, gas stoves, air conditioners, microwave ovens, electrical cabinets, etc.
  • Others: thermal insulation cover, heat exchanger, dryer, water heater, etc.


Product Package

Standard export package: 3 layers of packing, inner side is anti-water craft paper, PVC plastic film is the middle and outer side covered by at least 0.45mm thick steel sheet,wrapped by minimum seven steel strapping strips with lock catch.

In particular, WITOP steel places desiccant on the coil inner core side and on both lateral sides of the coil for bulk transportation to ensure that coils are delivered to clients in good condition.

Package can be customized as client’s requirements.

g550-hot-dipped-galvalume-steel-coil-package detail


Loading and Fastening Steel Coil

WITOP steel have our own loading and fastening workers and team, which can fasten steel coils well in container and bulk based on ship line company. WITOP steel can guarantee galvalume/aluzinc steel well to every client.


Main Market and Customer’s Feedback

WITOP steel have exported galvalume steel coil to Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Nigeria, Guinea, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Iraq, Indonesia, Philippines and other countries for twenty years. Hot dipped galvalume steel coil have gained good reputation and wide appreciation throughout South America, Africa, Middle East, Middle Asia and Southeast Asia.

FAQ of Hot Dipped Galvalume Steel Coil

1.What is galvalume steel coil?
Hot dipped galvalume steel is carbon steel coated on both sides with an alloy that combines 55% aluminum, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon. Galvalume steel owns the impervious properties of aluminum and the malleability of zinc. The aluminum-zinc alloy coating genrates galvalume steel a smooth and plain finish.

2.Is aluzinc steel the same to galvalume steel?
Aluzinc is a cold-rolled steel whose both sides are coated by Aluminium (55%), Zinc (43.5%) and Silicon (1.5%), widely known as galvalume or zincalume.

3.What is the difference between galvalume steel and galvanized steel?
Galvanized steel is coated on both sides by zinc, while galvalume steel is coated by aluminum,zinc, and a small amount of silicon. Galvalume steel have superior durability and resistance to corrosion in comparison to galvanized steel.

4.Is hot dipped galvalume steel coil a good product to produce roofing sheet?
Hot dipped galvalume steel coil are proved and recognized metal roofing sheet because galvalume have excellent corrosion resistance, good heat resistance and good processing performance of punching.

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