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Color Coated Steel Roofing Sheet

Color coated steel roofing sheet have the advantages of light weight, high strength, various colors, convenient and fast construction, earthquake resistance, fire prevention, rain resistance, long life, maintenance-free and so on.

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Product Introdution

Color Coated Steel Roofing Sheet
Color Coated Steel Roofing Sheet

Ridge Tiles

Color coated steel roofing sheet are rolled and cold-formed into corrugated profiles from PPGI/PPGL steel coil.

Color coated steel roofing sheet have wave-shape, trapezoid-shape, glazed tiles and ridge tiles.

Product Parameter (Specification)


Color Coated Steel Roofing Sheet
Standard JIS G 3312, EN 10169, ASTM A755
Type Wave-Shape, Trapezoid-Shape, Glazed Tile, Ridge Tiles
Roof  Models YX 10-125-875, YX 10-130-910 (1040), YX 12-110-880 (V-110),

YX 14-63.5-825, YX 14-102-918 (1122), YX 15-225-900, YX 18-76.2-836,

YX 18-77-315, YX 25-205-820, YX 25-205-1025, YX 25-210-840 (1050),

YX 25-210-840, YX 25-248-992, 28-207-828, YX 35-125-750 (V-125),

YX 35-247.5-990, YX 51-240-720, YX 76-344-688.

Color Any RAL or Client’s Sample Color
Painting Brand Nippon, AkzoNobel, KCC
Top Side Painting Film Primer 5-10μm
Top Coating 10–25μm
Back Side Painting Film Primer 5-10μm
Top Coating 10–25μm
Surface Treatment PVC Film, Wrinkle/Matte, Printed Surface
Thickness 0.12-2.00MM
Coating Zinc: 40-275G/M2;
Alu-zinc: 40-150G/M2;
Hardness Softy, Semi Hard, Full Hard, G550
Bundle Weight 2-3MT/Bundle or Customized
Package Standard Seaworthy Exporting Packing
Capacity 8000MT/Month
Transport Type Vessel Container, Vessel Bulk ,Railway Container, Railway Wagon

Quality Control and Self-inspection

WITOP steel have the advanced testing equipment and professional team. WITOP steel strictly control the quality on each step of production, including inspection on raw materials, thickness and width test, zinc coating test, T-bend test, impact test, tensile test, color difference analysis during production, salt-spray test and package testing before exporting roofing sheet, which ensures its integrated performance and quality.

Product Application

Color coated steel roofing sheet have been widely applied in industrial, civil buildings, warehouses, factories, and large-span steel structure houses, suitable for roofs, walls, and interior and exterior wall decoration.

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Product Package

Standard export package: covered with a layer of inside anti-water craft paper, middle PVC plastic film and outside 0.45mm thick steel sheet, packed on the iron pallets, bound with iron belt strip.

WITOP steel can pack steel roofing sheet based on customer’s special requirement.


Loading and Fastening Steel Roofing Sheet

WITOP steel have our own loading and fastening workers and team, which can fasten steel roofing sheet well in container and bulk based on ship line company. WITOP steel can guarantee goods safe and well to every client.


Customer’s Feedback.

WITOP steel have exported color coated steel roofing sheet to Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Congo, South Africa, Nigeria, Guinea, Ghana, UAE, Kuwait, Iraq, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and other countries for twenty years. Color coated steel roofing sheet have gained good reputation and wide appreciation throughout South America, Africa, Middle East, Middle Asia and Southeast Asia.

FAQ of Color Coated Steel Roofing Sheet

1.Which kind of steel is best for roofing sheet?
Hot dipped galvanized steel sheets are cheaper steel roofing solution for you. Hot dipped galvalume/alu-zinc steel sheets are better steel roofing solution than galvanized steel sheets. Color coated steel roofing sheet are highly durable and have varoius colorful surface than galvanized and aluzinc roofing sheet. Color coated galvanized or Color Coated galvalume steel sheet(PPGI/PPGL) are the best choice and materials for roofing sheet with long use time and beautiful color surface although its price are higher.

2.Which color are best for color coated steel roofing sheet?
Light-color steel roofing sheet can reflect sunlight much, advantaging to keep your room cooler in the hot weather. While, a dark-color steel roofing sheet will absorb more heat to warm your home. Blue-color steel roofing sheet are cheaper then other colors.

3.What size are steel corrugated roofing sheets?
GI/GL/PPGI/PPGL corrugated roofing sheets are available and popular in thicknesses from 0.12mm to 0.50mm. 900mm/800mm width after corrugation(1000mm/900mm width before corrugation) are very common in market. WITOP steel can supply sheet length from 1m up to 12m. Especially, customers can choose all of our standard colors for roofing surface for color coated corrugated roofing sheet.
4.Which roofing color is best for hot and wet climate?
According to data, green color roofing sheets are the best for hot and wet climate, considering green color can naturally reduce the heat island effect and keep indoor in low temperature.

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