Galvalume Production Line

Process Flow of Hot-dipped Galvalume Steel Coil

Process Flow of Hot dipped Galvalume Steel Coil

Uncoiling→Cutting→Stitching/Welding→Inlet Looper→Caustic Solution/Alkali Degreasing→Cleaning→Acid Bath→Flux Bath→Annealing(Preheating Furnace→

Reduction Furnace→Cooling Furnace)→Molten Aluminum-Zinc Pot→Air Knife→Spangle Making→Cooling Tower→Water Quenching Cooling→Withdrawal and 

Straightening Unit→Skin-Pass Machine→Chromate Treatment→Curing Furnace→Outlet Looper→Electrostatic Oiler→Cutting→Coiling


One Galvalume Production Line with Annual Capacity of 80,000 Tons.

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