Electrolytic Tinplate

Electrolytic tinplate sheet is also known as tin plate iron, tin-plated thin steel, and the English abbreviation is SPTE and ETP. Tinplate refers to cold-rolled low-carbon thin steel plate or steel strip coated with pure tin coating on both sides.

Tin coating plays a main and important role in preventing corrosion and rust. Electrolytic tinplate sheet have the strength and formability of steel, and have the corrosion resistance, tin solder-ability and beautiful appearance of the tin coating.

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Product Parameter (Specification)

Electrolytic Tinplate Sheet
Standard JIS G 3303-2002, ASTM A623M-2002, DIN EN 10203-1991
Grade MR ,SPCC,SPHC,Q195, S08AL.
Material Origin BAO(BAOWU) Steel
Tin Coating 2.0/2.0, 2.2/2.2, 2.8/2.8, 5.6/5.6, 8.4 /8.4
Tin Weight 1.1G/M2-8.4G/M2
Surface Finish Bright Finish, Stone Finish, Silver Finish, Matte Finish
Temper T1, T2, T2.5, T3, T4, T5, DR-8, DR-7M
Thickness 0.12-0.55MM
Width 20-1250MM
Coil Weight 3-5MT/Coil or Customized
Coil Inner Diameter 508MM or 610MM
Package Standard Seaworthy Exporting Packing
Capacity 6000MT/Month
Transport Type Vessel Container, Vessel Bulk ,Railway Container,Railway Wagon
Loading Port Tianjin, Qingdao, Ningbo, Shanghai and other port
Delivery Time 25-30 Days after Receiving the Deposit
Terms of Trade EXW,FOB, CFR, CIF
Terms of Payment TT and Irrevocable LC at Sight
Code Classification Specific Finishes
B Bright Finish The luster surface are provided by a flow-brightened tin coating on smooth finished steel base metal.
R Stone Finish The luster surface are provided by a flow-brightened grindstone-pattern tin coating on steel base metal.
S Silver Finish The luster surface are provided by a flow-brightened tin coating on a coarse dull finish steel base metal.
M Matte Finish A dull surface provided by an unmelted coating on dull finished steel base.

Product Application

Electrolytic tinplate have the characteristics of corrosion resistance, non-toxicity, high strength and good ductility.
Packaging made of tinplate has good sealing, storage, light repellency, robustness, and unique metal decorative charm, which determines its wide coverage in the packaging container industry, making it an internationally common packaging material.


Electrolytic tinplate is widely used as a packaging material for food and beverages, grease cans, chemical cans, and other miscellaneous cans, to provide excellent protection of the physical and chemical properties of the contents. Tinplate cans can be used to fill juice, coffee, tea, and sports drinks, as well as cola, soda, beer, and other beverages. High workability of tinplate allows for many variations in its shape, whether high, short, large, small, square, or round, which can meet the diverse needs of the beverage packaging and consumer preferences. For example, chemical cans,food cans, tea cans and oil bucket, etc.


Grade Main Usage
Food Grade


Food Cans fishery and agricultural products, etc.
Beverages Cans juice, soft drinks, other beverages
Industrial Grade Cans


Oil Cans automobile oil, mechanical oil, etc.
Pails Industrial containers for paint and oils
Aerosol Cans cosmetics, butane gas, pesticide, etc.
Temper & Hardness & Applications
Temper Hardness Applications
T1 49±3 nozzles,spouts,closures.
T2 52±3 pie pans,closures,shallow drawn and specialized can parts.
T3 57±3 battery can bodies,can ends and bodies,large diameter closures,crown caps.
T4 61±3 can ends and bodies,crown caps and small screw closures.
T5 65±3 Can ends and bodies for non corrosive products.
DR-8 73±3 small diameter round can bodies and ends.

Electrolytic Tinplate applicationElectrolytic Tinplate application (9)Electrolytic Tinplate application (1) Electrolytic Tinplate application (2) Electrolytic Tinplate application (4)oil bucketElectrolytic Tinplate application (10)Electrolytic Tinplate application (3)Electrolytic Tinplate application (7)crude container    oil cans Electrolytic Tinplate application (6)

Main Market and Customer’s Feedback

Tinplate is mainly exported to Italy, Belgium, Spain, the United States, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Mexico, South Africa, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Western Asia, Singapore, Australia, South Korea, and other countries.

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