PVDF Color-coated Board Has Good Durability and Good Gloss Retention.

Hot-dip galvanized steel sheets and alu-zinc sheets are used to produce PVDF color-coated sheets with high corrosion resistance and high decorative arts.
The production process of hot-dip alu-zinc steel sheets such as external wall hanging panels, roofs, and garage shutter doors is basically the same as that of galvanized sheets. The difference between galvanized sheet and alu-zinc sheets is the surface coating composition of the zinc and aluminum. PVDF color-coated sheets have begun to replace galvanized sheets and alu-zinc sheets because of its more painting, good corrosion resistance and process performance.

pvdf color coated sheets
The characteristics of PVDF color-coated sheets are as follows:
①It has good flexibility, adhesion and impact toughness.
②Color paste has good permeability in this paint.
③The coating has good durability and good gloss retention.
④The paint layer is plump, with high solvent resistance and temperature resistance.
PVDF color-coated sheets has good physical and mechanical properties, good surface adhesion, strong aging resistance, strong color fixation, high gloss, high hardness, certain water resistance and wear resistance.
PVDF color-coated sheets are widely used in cars, light industrial products, electrical products, etc. Typical usage of PVDF color-coated panels are external places, especially prefabricated public buildings and interior decoration.


Qingdao Witop Steel group mainly produce cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, galvalume steel, pre-painted/color coated steel, tinplate and other steel materials.



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