Classification of galvanized sheet

Galvanizing is an economical and effective rust prevention method commonly applied, and about half of the world’s zinc production is used in this process. Galvanized sheet refers to a steel plate coated with a layer of zinc on its surface. Galvanized sheet is a steel plate that is coated with a layer of metallic zinc to prevent corrosion on the surface and extend its service life. This type of zinc coated steel plate is called galvanized sheet.

1. Alloy and composite galvanized steel plate.

It is a steel plate made of zinc and other metals such as aluminum, lead, zinc, etc., and even composite plating. This type of steel plate has both rust resistance and good coating performance;

2. Hot dip galvanized steel plate.

A thin steel plate that is immersed in a molten zinc bath to adhere a layer of zinc to its surface. At present, the main production method is continuous galvanizing, which involves continuously immersing rolled steel plates in a molten zinc plating bath to produce galvanized steel plates;

3. Alloyed galvanized steel plate.

This type of steel plate is also manufactured using the hot dip method, but immediately after being removed from the groove, it is heated to around 500 ℃ to form an alloy film of zinc and iron. This galvanized sheet has good coating adhesion and weldability;

4. Electro-galvanized steel plate.

Manufacturing this galvanized steel plate using electroplating method has good processability. But the coating is thinner and its corrosion resistance is not as good as that of hot-dip galvanized sheet;

5. Single sided and double sided differential galvanized steel plates.

Single sided galvanized steel plate refers to a product that is only galvanized on one side. In terms of welding, coating, rust prevention treatment, processing, etc., it has better adaptability than double-sided galvanized sheet. To overcome the disadvantage of not coating zinc on one side, there is another type of galvanized sheet coated with a thin layer of zinc on the other side, namely double-sided differential galvanized sheet.

Classification of galvanized sheet
Classification of galvanized sheet

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