Cold and hot rolled steel coil market will stabilize in the short term.

Since August, the trading situation in China’s cold and hot rolled coil market has been average, with prices of cold and hot rolled coils rising and falling, and there will be no significant increase or decrease.

In early August, the operating conditions of cold and hot rolled steel coils were different, and cold rolled steel oils were significantly better than hot rolled coils. The price of 1.0mm cold rolled sheet ST12 is 660 US$/ton; Shougang and Ansteel produce 5.5mm to 11.75mm × 1500 mm × The price of Q235B hot coil C was 545 US$//ton, a decrease of 22 US$//ton compared to 570 US$//ton on August 1st. Overall, the hot rolled coil market is weak and prices continue to decline; The cold rolled coil market is relatively stable, with little price fluctuation.

One is that the effective demand intensity of downstream terminals is expected to increase. Recently, the production and sales situation of manufacturing industries such as automobiles and home appliances has improved, and production and sales have increased. The production and sales situation of downstream industries will be further active, and sales of products such as automobiles and home appliances are expected to increase. At that time, the demand for cold and hot rolled coil plates in the automotive and home appliance manufacturing industries will increase, becoming the driving force for stabilizing the market prices of cold and hot rolled coil plates in the later stage.

The second is the strong expectation of the “flat control” policy for crude steel production, which alleviates market supply pressure. Since July, due to the strong expectations of the “flat control” policy on crude steel production, many steel companies have increased their production restrictions, and crude steel production has not increased significantly year-on-year. In terms of inventory, the social inventory of hot-rolled coil plates was 2.5831 million tons, a year-on-year decrease of 3.02%; The social inventory of cold rolled coil plates was 1.2032 million tons, a year-on-year decrease of 11.55%. “

Thirdly, under the rigid cost support, steel companies mainly adjust the factory price of steel based on upward adjustment. Although the prices of steel raw materials and fuels have fluctuated recently, they remain high, especially with the fifth round of coke price adjustment landing, which further increases the production cost pressure on steel companies. The increase in steel factory prices by steel companies will lead to an increase in the procurement costs of cold and hot rolled coils that will be put on the market in the later stage. However, this will also to some extent curb the sharp drop in prices of refrigeration and hot rolled steel coil.


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