How to compare difference between PPGI and PPGL?

What is the difference between PPGI and PPGL?

PPGI full name is Pre-painted Galvanized Steel Coil and PPGL full name is Pre-painted Galvalume Steel Coil, they are two different coating technologies, and there are certain differences in application and performance.


difference between PPGI and PPGL

Raw Material of difference between PPGI and PPGL

PPGI is a technology that uses pure zinc coating on steel sheet as a base and coats a layer of colored painting on the surface of the galvanized steel coil. It is suitable for lighter environmental conditions.

Galvanized steel sheet


PPGL is a technology that uses an composed of 55% Aluminum, 43.5% Zinc,1.5% Silicon as the base and coats a layer of colored Painting on the surface of galvalume steel coil. It has better corrosion resistance and is suitable for harsh environmental conditions.

Galvalume Steel sheet

Products Standard of difference between PPGI and PPGL


PPGI produce standards have JIS G 3312, EN 10169, ASTM A755

PPGL Produce standards have JIS G 3322, EN 10169, ASTM A755


Advantages and Disadvantages of difference between PPGI and PPGL


The advantage of Pre-painted galvanized steel coil is its colorful variety, the color can be adjusted as needed, and its price is easy acceptable.

However, the color painted used in galvanizing steel sheet in coil can only provide limited corrosion resistance. Under harsh environmental conditions, the color may fade and cannot provide excellent corrosion resistance of long time.


The advantage of Prepainted Galvalume steel coil is that its 55% Aluminum, 43.5% Zinc,1.5% Silicon have good corrosion resistance and conductivity, and can effectively resist corrosion factors such as acids, alkali, and salts. The color painting coated of galvalume steel coil and color coating have better corrosion resistance and are not easy to fade.

However, Prepainted galvalume coating steel coil price is more expensive.

difference PPGI and PPGL

Application of difference between PPGI and PPGL

Prepainted steel coils are widely used and can be used to manufacture refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, solar water heaters, roofs, walls, LED TV casings, microwave oven casings, furniture, containers, electrical cabinets, door and window covers and other products.

One of the most common uses of PPGl is as roofing sheets because of its ease of installation and excellent insulating properties. In addition, PPGl steel coils are widely used in construction, home appliances, automotive and other industries.

PPGL serves construction, construction, household appliances and agricultural equipment. PPGL sheets are suitable for oil tank linings. Kitchen appliances such as ovens, stoves, racks, sinks, and appliances often use PPGL coils.


How to choosing Prepainted steel coil?

Therefore, when choosing Prepainted galvanized color coating and Prepainted galvalume color coating, it needs to be considered based on the place of use, environmental conditions and customer request. If it needs to be used under mild environmental conditions, has high color requirements, and is price-sensitive, then prepainted galvanized color coating is a good choice. However, if it needs to be used in harsh environmental conditions and needs to provide good corrosion resistance, then Prepainted galvalume is a better choice.


Finally, it should be noted that the value and cost performance of Pre-painted galvanized steel coil and Pre-painted galvalume steel coil are different. Customers need to balance the pros and cons according to their own needs when choosing to ensure that they choose the most suitable coating technology.


Where to buy PPGl and PPGL?

For large businesses PPGl and PPGL purchase, it is recommended to import directly from the manufacturer to save costs and guarantee certification. Witop supplies PPGl and PPGL sheets and coils in bulk through our website, ensuring reliable quality and competitive prices to meet your needs.

Wooden Grain PPGI Steel Coil


FAQ of  difference between PPGI and PPGL


 1.What is PPGI and PPGL steel coil?
PPGI is short for pre-painted galvanized steel while PPGL is short for pre-painted galvalume steel. PPGI is made of galvanized sheets as base metal while PPGL is galvalume sheet as substrate(55% aluminum, 43.5% zinc, and 1.5% silicon).

2.Which are betterfor PPGI and PPGL?
Although the price of the PPGL is 2%-3% higher than that of the PPGI, PPGL have better in heat reflectivity, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and service life.

3.Which brand paint do you use?
Nippon, Akzo-Nobel and KCC brand paint.


Qingdao Witop Steel group mainly produce cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, galvalume steel, pre-painted/color coated steel, tinplate and other steel materials.



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