The production process and characteristics of galvanized sheet

Galvanized steel sheet is a common metal sheet with many advantages, such as corrosion resistance, durability, and aesthetics. In terms of production process, fluorocarbon color coated plate is a commonly used coating material with weather resistance and corrosion resistance.

Galvanized sheet is a process of preventing corrosion of steel plates by coating them with a layer of zinc. Firstly, the steel plate will be cleaned and treated to remove surface impurities and oxides. Then, to apply a layer of zinc on the surface of the steel plate, which can be hot-dip galvanization or electro galvanized. The galvanized layer can provide additional protection to prevent corrosion of the steel plate in contact with the external environment.

One of the characteristics of galvanized sheet is its corrosion resistance. Due to the coating of zinc on the surface of the steel plate, galvanized sheet has excellent corrosion resistance. This makes galvanized sheet more reliable for outdoor use and can maintain its beautiful appearance for a long time. In addition, galvanized sheet also has durability and can withstand various environmental and climatic conditions.

Galvanized sheet is a metal sheet with anti-corrosion, durability, and aesthetics. Galvanized sheet is widely used in the construction industry, such as exterior walls, roofs, and doors and windows. The anti-corrosion performance and aesthetic appearance of galvanized sheet make it a popular building material.


Qingdao Witop Steel group mainly produce cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, galvalume steel, pre-painted/color coated steel, tinplate and other steel materials.



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