High-end decorative wooden grain color coated coils

Recently, the high-end decorative wooden grain color-coated sheet, developed and upgraded by WITOP steel, have been successfully rolled off the production line, adding a new member to the high-quality board family. This product is a breakthrough in the continuous three-coating and three-baking process, and the surface of the coating forms a more gorgeous wood grain-like texture, with a unique and extraordinary texture, which is more gorgeous than the traditional two-coating and two-baking color coated sheet products.

wooden color coated steel coil   wooden color coated steel coil黑胡桃   wooden color coated steel coil 黄檀 1套色

wooden color coated steel coil松木节子1号   wooden color coated steel coil松木   wooden color coated steel coil红柳
The key to the production technology of wooden grain color coated rolls lies in coating control. In the process of topcoat film formation, through precise control of film thickness, curing temperature and wind speed and other factors, the condensation effect of surface tension occurs and results in a three-dimensional aesthetic wood grain texture. In addition to the excellent decorative effect, the wooden grain color coated coil have stronger scratch resistance, more excellent and reliable weather resistance and processing performance, and various testing indicators are ahead of the current industry advanced level.

wooden color coated steel coil application

Wood grain color coated rolls are mainly used in the field of high-end building interior and exterior decoration, which can replace high-end wood, stone and aluminum alloy materials, further broadening the choice of users.The main characteristics of wood grain color coated sheet products are as follows:
① Low gloss, usually below 10%, to prevent light pollution;
② Weathering and chemical resistance. The traditional solution has a weathering resistance of about 10 years and cannot resist strong acids and alkalis, making it not recommended for use in industrial pollution areas; However, the new design has a lifespan of over 20 years, and the overall coating can stably resist various chemical corrosion, adapting to industrial areas;
③ Excellent wear resistance and scratch resistance, with MEK resistance reaching over 100 times;
④ Excellent processing performance, T-bend can reach 3T without cracks, impact 10J;


Qingdao Witop Steel group mainly produce cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, galvalume steel, pre-painted/color coated steel, tinplate and other steel materials.



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