Introduction to precautions for printed color coated sheet

Printed color coated sheet is a common decorative material widely used in indoor walls, ceilings, and other aspects. However, when using printed color coated plate, some precautions need to be taken to ensure effectiveness and safety.

When purchasing printed color coated sheet, the following points should be noted:

(1) Choose products with good materials, such as density board, fiberboard, etc;

(2) Pay attention to beautiful colors, clear patterns, and rich decors, which can match various home styles and decorations;

(3) Pay attention to surface treatment and coating quality, requiring a smooth surface that is not easily bent or cracked.

During the installation process of printing color coating sheet, special attention should be paid to the following aspects:

(1) Confirm the design drawings and relevant dimensions, and measure with a measuring stick;

(2) Determine the position of the nails according to the design drawings and dimensions, and carry out drilling;

(3) Install a wooden bayonet at the nail hole to ensure a secure connection between the printed color coated board and the wall.

In daily life, printed color coated sheet also require some maintenance work to extend their service life. The specific methods are as follows:

(1) Avoid using highly alkaline cleaning agents and corrosive liquids for cleaning;

(2) The surface of the printed color coating sheet should be flat to avoid damage caused by collisions, scratches, etc;

(3) Pay attention to regular cleaning, and use a vacuum cleaner or soft cloth to wipe during cleaning.

Like other building materials, printed color coated sheet also pose some risks during use. For example:

(1) During combustion, toxic gases are released, causing harm to the human body;

(2) The material may contain harmful substances such as benzene, and long-term exposure may pose a threat to human health.

Printed color coated sheet   Printed color coated plate

In order to avoid the occurrence of danger, it is necessary to strictly avoid the following issues in the design, material selection, and use process:

(1) Avoid burning and pay attention to the safety of using household appliances;

(2) When selecting materials, choose environmentally friendly materials;

(3) During use, minimize scratches and collisions to avoid the release of harmful substances.

When disassembling and replacing printed color coated plate, the behaviors of fragmentation, scattering, and illegal dumping can all cause serious environmental pollution. Therefore, it is necessary to master the following disposal methods:

(1) When disassembling, it is necessary to handle it according to specifications;

(2) Classify and properly dispose of printing and color coating sheet waste, which can be recycled, auctioned, and utilized;

(3) It is not allowed to directly dump the waste of printed color coated plate, and a reasonable disposal method should be chosen for disposal.


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