The Export Order Volume of Galvanized Steel Coil Increased Slightly and Price Are Stable.

The export price of galvanized steel coil of major steel manufacturers in China has not changed much, and the main DX51D offer is at USD745-760/ton FOB. China galvanized suppliers have many export orders to the Middle East and Türkiye, while its exports to South America and Southeast Asia have declined. In general, the export of galvanized steel coils rose slightly this week and the price was stable.

20230307 The export order volume of galvanized steel coil increased slightly and the price are stable.

Vietnam’s large steel mills in Southeast Asia raised the base delivery price of galvanized steel coils in March to USD750/ton CIF, up USD 55/ton from January. This adjustment has significantly increased the price of galvanized coils in Southeast Asia. At present, the quotation of galvanized steel coils from South Korea and Russia to Southeast Asia is not very advantageous, basically at USD 750-800/ton CFR, and galvanized steel coil manufacturers in India rarely offer to Southeast Asia.

Due to the price decline and weak demand in the China’s market, the import price of some iron and steel products in the Middle East has declined and jumped. India sells galvanized steel coil to the United Arab Emirates at the price of USD800-820/ton of CFR; The quotation of galvanized steel coil in Japan is USD 800-820/ton CFR; The quotation of Chinese galvanized steel coil is USD 740 CFR per ton. Due to new orders and transaction prices from China, the price of hot dipped galvanized steel coils imported to the United Arab Emirates has declined.

Affected by the earthquake in Türkiye, port transportation was blocked, and the number of galvanized coils supplied to Europe was reduced. The high energy cost has already increased Europe’s demand for Asian steel, and the demand will be further enhanced. At present, Europe is actively seeking to import galvanized steel coils from Asia.


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