Color coated galvanized/alu-zinc/alu-zinc-mag steel sheet

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Color coated steel sheet

Color coated steel sheet is made of galvanized sheet, aluminum-zinc sheet, and aluminum-zinc-magnesium as the substrate. After surface pre-treatment, color coated steel sheet is coated with multi-layer liquid paint by roller coating method, and then baked and cooled. Color coated steel sheet use coatings of various systems such as polyester, high-weather-resistant polyester, and polyvinylidene fluoride.

Color coated steel sheet have excellent durability, corrosion resistance and formability.

Color coated steel product are widely applied in home appliances, decoration, construction, automotive and other industries.

Color coated steel sheet

Product Name Painting thickness μm Core performance T bend MEK Neutral salt spray QUV-A Recommended environment
Color coated steel sheet ≥30 Carbon black experiment △E<2, water contact angle ≥30 degrees 2T ≥1000 1000 h 1500 h C3 level environment
≥25 TSR≥0.25,SRI:Light color≥78,other colours≥29 2T ≥900 900 h 1300 h C3 level environment
≥20 Surface resistance 1066-1099Ω 2T ≥800 800 h 1200 h C2 level environment
≥15 Activity against Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli>2 2T ≥700 700 h 1000 h C2 level environment
Type of coating Recommended substrate type Coating thickness μm MEK T bend 5%hydrochloric acid 5%Sodium hydroxide Common environment
PE GI/GL ≥20 ≥100 3T 24 h 24 h 10 year
HDP GI/GL ≥23 ≥100 3T 24 h 24 h 15 year
PVDF GI/GL ≥25 ≥100 2T 24 h 24 h 20 year
PU GI/GL ≥40 ≥100 2T 24 h 24 h 10year
PVC Film GI/GL ≥100 / 0T 300 h / 10 year
Matte/Wrinkle GI/GL ≥25 ≥100 2T 24 h 24 h 10 year
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