What is electrolytic tinplate sheet?

Electrolytic Tinplate Sheet


WITOP steel have become a national high-tech enterprise mainly producing metal packaging materials, tinplate sheet, and printed tinplate. It has the ability to produce 150000 tons of tinplate, 50000 tons of metal surface coated plate, and 10000 tons of coated and printed tinplate annually. The products are mainly used in the three major metal packaging categories of food, chemical, and aerosol, as well as dry and miscellaneous cans, achieving full coverage of the application field of tin plated plate products for metal packaging.

tinplate sheet

The company has advanced metal packaging plate production lines in China, including precision HC rolling mills with advanced automation systems, the first domestically independently developed continuous annealing unit, a double stand leveling unit with DCR production mode, and an insoluble anode MSA process tin plating production line. In terms of extending the industrial chain, we have added coating and printing iron production lines that are matched with tinplate, and automatic logistics feeding systems in the coating and printing iron workshops. We have eliminated transportation equipment such as forklifts and overhead cranes in the workshop, achieving a greener and healthier production line for coating and printing.

The precision tinplate production line can produce 0.15-1.5mm thick and 500-1000mm wide high-precision tinplate, the weighing mill adopts an imported hydraulic AGC system, and the thickness accuracy of the product can be controlled within ±0.004mm. The accompanying annealing unit, degreasing and leveling unit, stretching and bending straightening unit and other equipment can ensure that the product has excellent plate shape, surface quality, and meets the mechanical performance indicators required by users.

The thinnest range of tinplate products can reach 0.12mm, and the highest strength can reach DR9 (620MPA), both of which are the highest in the metal packaging industry.


Qingdao Witop Steel group mainly produce cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, galvalume steel, pre-painted/color coated steel, tinplate and other steel materials.



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