What are the application of color coated steel sheet?

Color coated steel sheet have good anti-corrosion properties, and it is easy to process and transform. It is lighter than other materials, so color-coated sheet is widely used in our lives.
Color coated steel sheets are used in many fields, including construction, home appliances, and transportation. In the field of construction, color-coated steel sheets are widely used in the construction of roofs and walls of industrial and commercial buildings such as steel structure workshops, warehouses, and freezers because of their light weight, beautiful appearance and good anti-corrosion performance. In the field of household appliances, color-coated steel sheets are used to produce surfaces for household appliances such as refrigerators and microwave ovens. In terms of transportation, color-coated steel sheets are used for the production and processing of oil pans, automotive interior parts, etc.

The market uses of color-coated sheet are mainly divided into three parts: construction, home appliances, and transportation. Among them, the proportion of construction is high, followed by home appliances and transportation. Color-coated sheets are generally made of hot-dip galvanized steel sheets and hot-dip galvalume steel sheets, and are mainly processed into corrugated sheet or sandwich panels, which are used to build the roofs of industrial and commercial buildings such as steel structure workshops, airports, warehouses, freezers, etc. Color coated plate for household appliances generally use galvanized plates and cold rolled plates, which are used in the production of refrigerators, large air conditioning systems, freezers, bread machines, furniture, etc. The transportation industry generally uses galvanized sheet and cold rolled sheet as the base material, which are mainly used for oil pan, automobile interior parts, etc.

The color-coated sheet uses galvanized or alu-zinc steel sheet as the substrate. In addition to zinc or alu-zinc protection, the organic coating on the zinc layer also plays the role of covering and isolation, which can prevent the steel sheet from rusting. Its service life is 50% longer than that of galvanized steel sheet.

But the same amount of galvanizing, the same type of coating, the same coating thickness of the color-coated sheet, in different areas, different application parts, the service life will be very different. For example, in industrial areas or coastal areas, due to the action of sulfur dioxide gas or salt in the air, the corrosion rate is accelerated and the service life is affected. Buildings or workshops made of color-coated steel plates have a long service life when they are often washed by rainwater, otherwise, they will be affected by the action of sulfur dioxide gas, salt and dust.


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