What is Z80 DX51D Galvanized Steel Coil?

Z80 DX51D Galvanized Steel Coil

Z80 means is galvanized  coating mass weight;

DX51D means is a high-strength steel grade of product standard EN10147  

Hot dipped galvanized steel coil are processed by continuous hot-dip galvanizing from cold-rolled steel coilZinc coating on both sides can effectively prevent corrosion and rust, and increase the service life of steel plate.

Z80 DX51D Galvanized Steel Coil


Products Standard of hot dip galvanized steel coil

Product Specification and Size :
Hot Dip Z80 DX51D Galvanized Steel Coil
 GB T 2518JIS G 3302ASTM A653MEN10147Application
SpecificationsDX51DSGCC、SGHCCS Type CDX51DCommercial
DX52DSGCD1CS Type A 、CS Type BDX52DCommercial Hard
DX53DSGCD2FS Type A、FS Type BDX53DDrawing, Class 1
DX54DSGCD3DDS Type CDX54DDrawing, Class 2
DX56DSGCD4DDS Type ADX56DDrawing, Class 3
DX57DEDDSDX57DDrawing, Class 4
S220GDSS230 [SS33]S220GDStructural Quality
S250GDSGC340SS255 [SS37]S250GD
S280GDSGC400SS275 [SS40]S280GD
S350GDSGC440SS340 [SS50] class 4S350GD
S550GDSGC570SS550 [SS80] class 2S550GD
Coating MassZ30~Z600Z30~Z600Z90-Z600Z80~Z600
Surface FinishZero,Small,Regular,Large
Surface TreatmentChromating, Oiled, Skin-pass or Green Treatment
Remarks1. Tolerance for thickness, width, flatness and so on conforms to individual product specification.
2. All products with thickness 2.0mm and under can be skin passed.
3. The coil inside diameter can be either 508mm or 610mm. The maximum coil outside diameter is 2000mm.
4. Please make inquiries to our Sales & Marketing Division for products with special specifications.
5. Coating mass beyond the specifications above can be provided by Witop Steel. upon mutual agreement between customers and us.

Surface Treatment of hot dip galvanized steel coil

There are many surface treatment processes for galvanized steel coil, and the surface treatment requirements are different according to different uses. The following are common surface treatments,

Hot-dip coated flat products receive one of the following surface treatments at the producer’s plant :
chemical passivation:                           C
oiling:                                                         O
chemical passivation and oiling        CO

The period of protection afforded is limited and depends on the atmospheric and storage conditions.
Hot-dip coated flat products are only supplied without surface treatment (untreated (U)) if expressively desired bythe purchaser on his own responsibility. in this case, there is increased risk of formation of corrosion products onthe surface during storage and transportation.

Chemical passivation, Oiling treatment,  Skin-pass, Chromate, Unoiled, Dry etc.

 If you have any questions about Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Coil or need to find a supplier, Witop Steel is happy to help you.

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