Top 8 PPGI Coil & Galvanized Steel Coil Manufacturers in Philippines 2024

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PPGI Coil & Galvanized Steel Coil Manufacturers in Philippines

Top 8 PPGI Coil & Galvanized Steel Coil Manufacturers in Philippines 2024

PPGI Coil & Galvanzied Steel Coil is an important component of building materials. Prepainted Galvanized Steel coils are lightweight, beautiful and have good anti-corrosion properties, and can be directly processed. They are mainly used in the advertising industry, construction industry, home appliance industry, electrical appliance industry, Furniture industry and transportation industry.

This article will introduce the main steel coil companies in the Philippines. I hope it will be helpful to you.

List of PPGI Coil & Galvanized Steel Coil Manufacturers in Philippines

Philsteel Holding Corporation

Address: Makati, Metro Manila

PhilSteel was found in 1956, embarked on establishing the family’s galvanized steel coil manufacturers in philippines.

Philsteel Holdings Corporation is behind pioneering steel manufacturing companies — Steel Corporation of the Philippines, Philmetal Products, Inc., and Premier Shelter, Inc.— that deliver supremely global and proudly local brands including GALVALUME 55, COLORBOND and GALVABOND PURE ZINC.

Supply Products

  • Galvanized Steel
  • Pre-painted Steel

JFE Shoji Steel Philippines, Inc.

Address: 107 Trade Ave. Laguna Technopark, Bo. Loma, Biñan, Laguna 4024

Formerly Kawasho Steel Philippines, Inc, JFE Shoji Steel Philippines Inc (JSSP) was established in October 1997 and has grown significantly over the past 20 years. Springing from Japan as a domestic market as a sales system optimization to guarantee customer satisfaction, JFE Shoji has expanded its network overseas reaching North and South America, a vast majority in Asia, Middle East and Europe, and Oceania.

Currently, JSSP boasts state-of-the-art facilities for slitting and Cutting services, providing a competitive edge by efficiently processing thinner gauges and materials of smaller widths compared to its rivals.

Supply Products

  • Hot /Cold Rolled Steel
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Pre-painted Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Tinplate Steel

Regan Industrial Sales Incorporated

Address: 5 Harmony Street, Grace Village, Balintawak, Quezon City, Philippines

Established year 1968, Regan Industrial Sales, Inc. is a company that historically delivers a complete variety and availability of steel products and services that adhere to the highest international standards. Our organization strives more in enhancing our products and services as part of continuing the role of a complete, reliable, and trusted steel provider in the Philippines.

Regan Industrial started as a simple shop operating in Tondo, Manila. Our office eventually transferred to Quezon City and has continued to establish warehouses as facilities in 2002. In this day and age, Regan Industrial is listed as one of the Top 150 corporations in the Philippines.

Supply Products

  • Galvanizing steel sheet
  • Coil Shearing and Slitting

Puyat Steel Corporation

Address: Magallanes, Makati

Puyat Steel was established in 1956. The first galvanizing plant in the Philippines was established by the company to meet the country’s demand for galvanized iron sheets used in construction and roofing materials. Puyat Steel contributed to the Philippine government’s industrialization plan.

The company has a fully automatic computer-controlled continuous galvanizing line, which can provide first-class products to the Philippines and the world. The company’s products are of high quality and good service, and are very popular among Filipino consumers.

The galvanized steel coils and PPGI steel coils produced by the company have excellent formability, bendability, durability and stretchability.

Supply products:

  • GALVANIZED Steel Coil
  • Prepainted Steel Coil      

Philippine Liberty Steel Pipes

Address: Quezon City, Philippines

Philippine Liberty Steel Pipes Inc. is the Philippines’ top steel supplier for both different end-users (contractors, wholesalers, retailers) and different industries (construction, irigation, shipping, sanitation and more

Supply Products

  • GI Steel Coil
  • PPGI Steel Coil
  • Steel Pipe


Address: Guiguinto Bulacan, Philippines

EVERGLORY METAL Phils was established in 2005. The company engaged in the manufacture of steel-based pre-painted roofing, siding & ceiling materials and structural floor decking.

EVERGLORY METAL set-up its own production and roll forming facilities in Guiguinto where it started its selling operations occupying a small office adjacent to an affiliate company-owned plastic resin recycling plant.

Supply Products

  • GI Steel Coil for Decking and Roofing
  • PPGI Steel Coil for roofing sheet and Cladding

Sonic Steel Industries Inc

Address: Manila, Philippines

Sonic Steel Industries Inc. is one of the largest galvanized companies in the Philippines, producing both galvanized steel sheet and galvanized steel sheet.

The company’s factory is located in the industrialized province of Cavite, with convenient sea and land transportation and convenient transportation. The company uses American, German and Japanese technologies in the production process, and has been working hard to find new technologies to further improve the quality to internationally recognized standards.

The company has 2 types of continuous galvanizing lines. And the brand has always been used as a measure of quality and performance.

The company produces galvanized steel coils with a thickness of 0.15-0.60 mm and a width of 880 mm, 990 mm, 915 mm, and 1220 mm.

Supply products:

  • GL Steel Coil,
  • PPGL Steel Coil,
  • GI Steel Coil.

Metalink Manufacturing Corp

Address: 18, Tagdalit St., Barangay Manresa, Quezon City

Metalink Manufacturing Corp. has been manufacturing, supplying, and installing steel roofing, wall cladding, light framing, and structural systems in the Philippines for over 20 years

Supply Products

  • GI Steel Coil for Decking and Roofing Material
  • PPGI Steel Coil for roofing and Cladding Material   

PPGI & PPGL & GI steel coil is a composite material, which has the advantages of both steel plate and organic material. It not only has the mechanical strength and easy forming performance of steel plate, but also has good decoration and corrosion resistance of organic materials. This article introduces the steel coil companies in the Philippines, and I hope it can be helpful to you. 

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