AZ150 G550 AFP Galvalume Aluzinc Steel Coil


What mean of AZ150 G550 AFP Galvalume Aluzinc Steel Coil?

AZ150 means is galvalume aluzinc coating thickness;

G550 means is a high-strength steel grade of product standard EN 10125  or GB T 14978

AFP means stand of Surface treatment is Anti Fingerprint

AZ150 G550 AFP Galvalume Aluzinc Steel Coil

Products Standard of hot dipped galvalume aluzinc steel coil

Hot dipped galvalume steel coil is an alloy steel plate composed of 55% Aluminum, 43.5% Zinc,1.5% Silicon. Hot dipped galvalume steel coil demonstrates stable anti-rust and anti-corrosion ability in various acid and alkaline, humid, and rainy environmental tests. So, galvalume steel coil has a wide range of applications in the industry. Mainly production standard as below:

Chinese Standard: GB T 2518

Japanese Standard: JIS G 3321

American Standard: ASTM A792

Europe Standard: EN 10346

Steel Grade of hot dipped galvalume aluzinc steel coil

According to different production standards, materials are divided into required materials. Main production standards and material comparisons are as follows:


Production Standard

Steel GradeGB T 2518JIS G 3321ASTM A792MEN 10346
CommercialDX51DSGLCCCS Type B & CDX51D
Special Deep DrawingDX54D -EDDSDX54D
special deep drawing quality, (only +AS), heat resistance up to 800 °C;DX55D - -DX55D
Extra Deep DrawingDX56D - -DX56D
Super Deep DrawingDX57D - -DX57D


S250GD - -S250GD
S280GD - -S280GD
S320GDSGLC400 -S320GD
S350GDSGLC440 -S350GD
S450GDSGLC490SS 345 Class 1S450GD
S550GDSGLC570SS 550 Class 1S550GD

Coating Code of hot dipped galvalume aluzinc steel coil

The products shall be supplied with coatings of Galvalume Aluzinc. Thicker coatings may limit the formability and weldability of the products. Therefore, the forming and weldability requirements should be taken into account when ordering the coating mass. The coating masses for all available grades are given in below Table:

 GB T 2518JIS G 3321ASTM A792MEN 10346
Coating CodeAZ30AZ30
AZ50 -AZ50
AZ60 -AZ60
AZ100 -AZ100AZ100

Surface Treatment of hot dipped galvalume aluzinc steel coil

There are many surface treatment processes for galvanized coils, and the surface treatment requirements are different according to different uses. The following are common surface treatments,

Hot-dip coated flat products receive one of the following surface treatments at the producer’s plant :
chemical passivation:                           C
oiling:                                                         O
chemical passivation and oiling        CO
Anti Fingerprint                                        AFP

The period of protection afforded is limited and depends on the atmospheric and storage conditions.
Hot-dip coated flat products are only supplied without surface treatment (untreated (U)) if expressively desired bythe purchaser on his own responsibility. in this case, there is increased risk of formation of corrosion products onthe surface during storage and transportation.

Chemical passivation protects the surface against humidity and reduces the risk of formation of corrosion productsduring storage and transportation.
Local colour variations as a result of this treatment is permissible and does not impair the quality.

Oiling treatment also reduces the risk of formation of corrosion products.
It shall be possible to remove the oil layer with a suitable degreasing solvent which does not adversely affect the coating.

Chemical passivation and oiling 

Agreement may be reached on this combination of surface treatment in accordance with Oiling treament and Chemical Passivation if increased protection against the formation of corrosion products is required.

Anti Fingerprint

Our anti-fingerprint coating is an organic coating approximately 1 micron thick that creates an additional barrier
Not only does it prevent corrosion, it also provides a temporary protective coating during transportation and storage, it is antistatic and can produce
Ideal for gluing and painting as this treatment provides a smooth, pre-primed and ready-to-paint surface
Most paints. During the mechanical forming process, the coating acts as a dry lubricant, helping to reduce sticking on the tool.

In addition to the surface treatment mentioned above, it also includes Skin-pass, Chromate, Unoiled, Dry etc.

I hope the above information will help you understand AZ150 G550 AFP Galvalume Aluzinc Steel Coil. If you have any questions about AZ150 G550 AFP Galvalume Aluzinc Steel Coilor need to find a supplier, Witop Steel is happy to help you.

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